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About Elizabeth Gebhardt

Elizabeth Gebhardt specializes in the Riverside and San Diego
County real estate market. Elizabeth, or Liz, as her friends call her, began her illustrious career
over 23 years ago when she was a single mother to her two cherished daughters. She originally moved to the Temecula area because she discovered it was an idyllic place to raise her children. “I love the
sense of community…there are so many community events and things to do,” she enthuses.

After being a financial manager at a construction company and ultimately owning her own cabinet company, Liz made the move into real estate. “I wanted a career where I could help others as well as have lots of room to grow and learn. I feel that learning is something we continually do throughout our lives.”
Delving into the real estate industry turned out to be a fortuitous change. Liz quickly realized that the organizational skills and management background really helps to manage the mounds of paperwork and transaction complexities in real estate. Her financial acumen has proved beneficial for the clients she serves, too. Liz loves to work with clients of varying needs, including families who are relocating to the area, downsizing or moving up to accommodate growing needs, as well as first-time home buyers. Liz is an avid dog lover, and share
a special fondness for Doodles with her two daughters.

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